Over the years, Technivac has helped change the way in which vessels are unloaded. The introduction of vacuum technology has made the industry safer by reducing risk and emissions.

When it comes to unloading activities Technivac lead the way with quality and technology that allows us to unload and repackage any catalyst material into a variety of packaging which include but are not limited to:

  • UN approved drums
  • 1m³ bulk bags
  • IBC’s
  • Chep bins

These can be filled using conventional dumping or vacuum.

All of the above can be packed in a 100% dust free manner as our systems are designed and manufactured in house. The R&D of new equipment allows us to minimise risk, manual handling and eliminate dust exposure.

The most efficient unloading system is that of our Double Drum Filler. This allows us to unload and repackage any type of catalyst material into 205lt UN approved drums. Many years of R&D has been spent on perfecting the ultimate system that allows us to ‘continually offload’, the system works in such a way that the drums effectively become part of the system as they can withhold vacuum. Not only does this system save our customers time and money that is potentially wasted by diverting or stopping the vacuum, it is also designed to significantly minimise manual handling of the full drums.