Technivac have exceptional levels of service quality and come highly recommended when it comes to offering full turnaround packages. Carrying out a complete changeout is a big part of our business – we go out of our way to work with customers to manage and deliver changeouts on time and in a safe manner.

Our in-house fabrication facility allows us to meet the customers’ demands and needs. We can adapt or design new equipment to accommodate customers’ requests.

Whilst Technivac will always introduce vacuum as a control measure for reducing dust emissions, we are also able to unload conventionally, using dump chutes to which we can fabricate a variety of dump nozzles, allowing us to unload the catalyst material at the customer’s request. We also have the capability to introduce vacuum at the dump nozzle to assist in the gravity fall of the catalyst whilst unloading, therefore increasing efficiency.

Here at Technivac we can offer all types of catalyst and molecular sieve changeouts. We have extensive knowledge of the products we work with and are specialists in the handling of H2S and MRU applications.

Technivac have the capability to unload and reload in all types of weather while unloading and loading into both atmospheric and inert atmospheres.

Technivac have a variety of breathing apparatus to accommodate the methods in which we use to complete the changeouts which include Scott Sabre Flite and the Inert BA system Sentry 4.

Technivac offer one-stop-shop packages on request and we can purchase, changeout and dispose catalysts and molecular sieves.